Welcome to Summit!

It is a privilege to have you worship with us. We hope your faith will be strengthened and your interest in God’s Word will grow as a result of your time with us. Our ministry focus is simple. We aim to know God and grow spiritually. We do this through practical Bible teaching, contemporary worship, and creating a host of opportunities for significant and supportive relationships. Building disciples in a healthy church environment is our mission – we invite you to join us. 

We want you to feel comfortable when you visit us so below are some questions that you may have as you plan your visit. When you come, stop by Guest Central–we’d love to meet you and answer any questions you have. Want more information? Stop by Connect anytime. 

Where are you located?


What does a typical service look like?

  • Worship: Ultimately, our every pursuit aims at inviting the presence of God. Our multimedia environment enhances our experience as we sing praise and express our love and thankfulness for all he has done for us. This focused time on the Lord allows us to stop thinking about the burdens of everyday life and open our hearts to hear from him.
  • Communion: Each week we pass the cracker and juice during our time of worship. Anyone who has accepted Christ as their Savior may partake. Should you not wish to participate, you may simply pass the trays. 
  • Offering: We recognize that all things belong to God and he has entrusted us with all that we have. As a way of thanksgiving, we take an offering to give back.
  • Message: Each week the message is a time to hear from God. Whether on a specific subject or passage of Scripture, our teaching team will provide a practical, Bible-based word to encourage, teach, and sometimes even convict us in our faith and walk as Christians.

What are the service times?

  • SAT 5pm and SUN 9:00, 10:30, Noon

What should I wear?

  • Come as you are—if that’s shorts and tee shirt or a three-piece suit, so long as you’re comfortable, you’ll be accepted and welcomed.

Do I need a Bible?

  • Our message is taught from the Bible each week, so a Bible or Bible app is helpful. However, Scriptures are on the screens and in the bulletin. And if you’d like a Bible, just ask; we have one for you.

Can I bring coffee into the worship venue?

  • Absolutely! We invite you to stop by our café!

Where do my children go?

  • From birth (or whenever parents are comfortable) through 5th grade, children are invited to BaseCamp Kids where they will play games, sing, dance, and receive age-appropriate Bible teaching from our background checked volunteers. BaseCamp Kids is available all services.
  • Students 6th–8th grade have a service at 10:30 am geared just for them; and high school students have their own service at Noon. Siblings in grades 6–12 may attend the same service—whichever works best for your schedule.

Where do I go for help once I get there?

  • Our team of volunteers is ready to answer any questions or even give you a tour. Just stop by Guest Central on your way in or out of the service. They even have a free gift for you!