Have you ever been on a hike where you finally get to what you thought was the top only to find there’s more to go? Or set lofty goals and thought, “If I could just accomplish this, then life would be good,” only to remain unfulfilled when you got there? What would happen if we changed our perspective from crossing the finish line to reaching points that take us into our next season, next experiences, and new growth? If we stop looking for landing pads, we can learn how to launch into the greater that God wants for our lives.

Week 1 | March 24. 2019

Peter: The Power of …
Lead Pastor Bryan Smith

Week 2 | March 31. 2019

Creative Arts Pastor Josh Whelchel

Week 3 | April 7. 2019

Lead Pastor Steve Bond


Week 4 | April 14. 2019

Lead Pastor Bryan Smith

Easter | April 21. 2019

Lead Pastor Steve Bond & Lead Pastor Bryan Smith