Does your financial situation bring you fear or freedom? The world tells us one thing; the Bible tells us something better. More than a generosity series, we look at the deeply rooted issues that steal our freedom so that our perspective, mind, and heart follow God's—it's time for Change.

Best Summer Ever

Summer. Just the thought of the cool mornings, afternoon heat, and warm nights brings the anticipation of rest, relaxation, and vacation. While many recharge physically, it's also a great time to recharge spiritually. This series looks at how to do just that and make this the Best Summer Ever.

Hosanna Poetry

Hosanna's unique communication style shares stories of her first-hand experience with loss, hope, and redemption which fuel her innermost desire to see lives healed and restored through the truth of the gospel.


At the Movies

Whether you prefer comedy or drama, sci-fi or rom-com, the movies draw us into their story. But does it stop at entertainment or is there more? Explore the life lessons and spiritual truths of some of Hollywood’s biggest hits in a one-of-a-kind series.



We all have fears and worries—things that keep us up at night. This series explores four of the biggest: 



A series retracing the steps and events as Jesus journeyed toward the cross.