For many, road trips remind us of fun times across the dry Nevada desert to Las Vegas or perhaps the climb through the Sierra Nevadas into the golden state or even north into the cool green valleys of the northwest. Some trips are forever memorable, others not so much. Often each road trip is more about the journey than the destination. Our faith journey is the same. Explore how to stay on the right path—or get back to it—plan accordingly, and persevere through the roadblocks life throws to stay the course on the ultimate (life-long) Road Trip.

Week 1 | June 23. 2019

Predicting Our Future
Pastor Josh Whelchel

Week 2 | June 30. 2019

Plan It Out
Pastor Bryan Smith

Week 3 | July 7. 2019

Going The Distance
Pastor Alex Berger


Week 4 | July 14. 2019

Road Closed
Pastor Josh Whelchel