Groups launch September 7/8.

We believe that life is best when we are in relationship with others. At Summit we call that Group Life. Whether in a small group that's sermon based or a focus group that deals with such topics as grief, finances, or marriage, people are cared for, engaged, and encouraged as we have fun together and see how God works in our lives as we grow in Christ-likeness.

How to Join a Group

1. Click “Find a Group for Me”
2. We will contact you with Group info
3. Connect with the Leader and show up

How to Lead a Group

Learn more about leading your own group. Click “Request Info” and provide some basic information. Our Group Life Team will contact you soon.


Why Group Life?

We believe that Groups are the biblical model for walking out our faith. It is where people are cared for, equipped, and encouraged to grow in Christ’s likeness. It’s in this healthy community that a Christ-follower has the best opportunity to become spiritually alive.

What is a Group?

Groups share life—its ups and downs, its joys and sorrows. We have a lot of fun, good conversation, and see God work in our lives as we build Christ-centered relationships. Most groups are 8-15 people and meet weekly. Day and time varies and some have childcare.

Where do Groups Meet?

Groups meet all over Sparks and Reno in homes, coffee shops, and restaurants as well as on campus. We have Groups meeting most days of the week. Use the Find a Group or Need Help links to get more information.

What’s RightNow Media?

RightNow Media is basically the Netflix for Christian video. It’s where we post and recommend videos for our Groups, but it’s also so much more. There are Bible studies and messages from faith leaders such as Frances Chan, Andy Stanley, and Kyle Idelman. There’s also an abundance of movies for kids and teens. The best part: it’s FREE to all who attend Summit.